What is AbiliTV?

AbiliTV is a safe and secure digital platform that provides parents, caregivers, and special needs professionals the tools and forum to share critical information on Aspergers, Autism and other neurobiological disorders. 


What does Beta mean?

The word Beta comes from the "second" letter of the Greek alphabet "B". As a result, "Beta Testing" is the "second" phase of testing. This "second" phase usually means that the intended audience will get to try it out, take it for a test drive and provide feedback, which is critical in improving the product and experience over time. So don't forget to let us know how we're doing!


What is the goal of AbiliTV?

Our goal is to dramatically improve the lives of special needs individuals and their families by helping them get the benefit of each other's experiences, resources and unbiased, honest information. 


How will AbiliTV survive?

AbiliTV will eventually be advertiser supported. AbiliTV Consulting will also contribute revenue by offering consumer-facing companies such as retail stores, restaurants, resorts, hotels, cruise lines, etc. the consulting services they need to dramatically improve the quality of the experiences, programs and packages they offer to Special Needs families.


Why does it seem like AbiliTV does not yet have a lot of content?

AbiliTV is brand new and it relies heavily on the special needs community to tell their stories, share their resources and post their videos for all to see. Remember your story can be another family's hope.


How much does AbiliTV cost?

There is never a charge for a basic membership on AbiliTV. Simply sign up, become a member and gain access to all the tools that await you. AbiliTV is one of the most comprehensive and exciting social media platforms to ever touch the Special Needs community. If there's something other than a basic membership, might want to mention that here.


Is my information safe on AbiliTV?

AbiliTV is a secure site, and while every site in the world is vulnerable to hackers, AbiliTV takes your privacy very seriously. AbiliTV will NEVER share your information with anyone outside our company or affiliated partners (see privacy policy). We also offer our members the ability to be identified only by a "Screen Name." Of course, any member can provide more information if they choose to. Often, professional members like