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10 Easy Tips for Reducing Your Stress Levels

Author: Cara Palmer Posted on: Monday, 14 August 2017 03:43 1073 Category: AbiliTV Spotlight

When it comes to stress, there can be various causes. Are you making yourself crazy by trying to do too much, too quick and too perfect? Or are you having emotional issues that are creating unrelenting worries and insecurity? Either way, your body pays the price if you’re tipping the scale from positive stress that stimulates better performance into distress that creates symptoms and shut-down. (ARTICLE FROM EMBRACING THE SPECTRUM.COM, POSTED ORIGINALLY ON APRIL 17 2017)

How Do You Explain Autism To Your Children?

Author: Cara Palmer Posted on: Monday, 14 August 2017 03:29 960 Category: AbiliTV Spotlight

Have you and your child ever gone to a grocery store and seen another child throwing a tantrum while the parent stood helpless? Maybe you were patient and offered help, but did your child understand what was happening? In order to truly spread autism awareness, we must remember to educate our children of what autism is. (ARTICLE BY HANNAH YEP POSTED ON MY AUTISM.ORG ON JULY 27 2017)

These Earplugs Are Helping People on the Spectrum in Brilliant, New Ways

Author: Cara Palmer Posted on: Monday, 14 August 2017 03:16 1023 Category: AbiliTV Spotlight

For many people with autism, noise can be particularly problematic due to sensory processing issues. Sounds may be magnified for them and harder to tune out. This can make the world around them incredibly overwhelming and can lead to meltdowns. (ARTICLE POSTED BY A. STOUT ON THE AUTISM SITE.COM)

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