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Over ten years ago I would found AbiliTV, and grow it into the brand name that it is today. Say you created a word, or name and soimeone came along to use it or just take it... Like this site and it's owners are doing to me and the AbiliTV name right now. They are aware of this, as I contacted them two times to please contact me about a WIN/WIN situation, and not some legal battle, that could bankrupt this site and this company. That is not my goal, yet at the same time it i not my goal to sit and watch my AbiliTV (Abili-TV) name is taken from me as if I never owned it. I hate to break the news to the owners, but I have used this name my entire life, from about age four. When I frat uttered the word AbiliTV.... Then started to write it out every possible way to sound like AbiliTV, ending up with AbiliTV as the most liked version to spell it as. A hyphen in the name does not at all make the name unique enough to claim it as a different name than AbiliTV. Look around this site and AbiliTV is used all over. As the legal owner of this word, I expect to be contacted so we can work on a WIN/WIN agreement. If you need Google the term WIN/WIN and learn what I am talking about. But, if you expect me to just roll over and be quiet as you claim my rights as yours... I will take this to the local news, and all social media sites on Earth, and ask my thousands of viewers to flood your email with complaints about how you stole my AbiliTV name from me. I will also file with the BBB, and other places as well. Only if needed.

You can contact me, and while I seem upset. Am more concerned about you treating me as nothing, considering what your site claims to be all about.... And me being a fully disabled man, I would think that the PUBLIC IMAGE this creates would show you a GOLIATH trying to stomp on David (me)... Do you think those investing in this venture want that kind of image on there hands?

While if you contact me, and we can work on a WIN/WIN agreement, the POSITIVE IMAGE and the fact I reach thousands of people through my AbiliTV broadcasts as a DJ, or Talk show host of AbiliTV my effort, movement name... Could make you look like a good guy, and not some giant trying to lord it over on the little crippled man in a wheelchair... Instead you would be seen as a community member and apart of the AbiliTV Family, yes, I have a loyal following, and they are AbiliTV family members. Friends, not just numbers, and or viewers.

Let us join forces and show the world what it has been missing.

Is this not a much nicer, much less costly way to go about this?

I seek a WIN/WIN both give up the greed, and look at what is needed. You need permission to use AbiliTV correct? It's really that simple. And, I need something in return... The AbiliTV name and my ability to reach more people to EXPAND.... See I can advertise your site on my broadcast, that costs a lot of money. You make the ads and I roll them, and in return we become business partners, and you provide a place here for my broadcast to take place. You realize this is a simple matter to take care of right?

Or, ignore me, and that is when things cost way more than needed, and not on my end either. I am trying to work this out ASAP, so we can work together as a team on this. You do not want someone who has nothing but time on his hands, and the internet as his disposal... Word of mouth travels very fast, As it is now all of my viewers think this site is mine. I wonder why that would be? Just because I do not have a .com does not mean the name AbiliTV is not mine. One of my viewers is a copyright attorney, and another still is a Judge that oversees these cases... Both asked me to contact you first, and offer my WIN/WIN idea. If you decline or ignore it then they will help me out.

Does GOLIATH realize that David will win? And, David is asking Goliath to help as a team rather than fight it out, and both will WIN in the end.

Only the owners of this site will be able to tell how it goes....